El tiatamiento me esta ayudando estoy amejorando me ciento mejor tenia muy fuertes mis dolores en la cabeza y esto major.

Silvia V.

Prior to Dr. Ross’ care, I suffered from chronic headaches, shoulder, and back pain from years of not taking care of myself. However, now I am on my way to a pain-free lifestyle, thanks to Dr. Ross and his fantastic staff. I recommend Dr. Ross to all my friends and know they will experience the same professional and personalized care that will make life better. Thanks Dr. Ross!

Patricia V.

The clinic has helped free me of my headaches caused by whiplash to my neck, shoulders, and back. One of my legs was jammed in the accident causing numbness to my foot. Treatment of massages and adjusting the leg, knee and foot has caused the numbness to go away. I have been in treatment just over a month and I’m amazed how much better I feel and how I am able to move around with less pain.

Margaret H.

Dr. Ross has been able to help me with my upper back and neck pain. Due to his treatment I have been able to control my migraine headaches and increase my neck mobility.

Laura P.