Neck Pain

I came in barely able to turn my neck and hardly able to sit for any length of time because of my lower back. After a few visits my neck was more mobile and not nearly as sore. Improvements in my lower back and neck are great.

Terex S.

I came to Dr. Ross with quite a bit of neck and back pain. With his knowledge of spinal problems, and effective treatments and therapies, I am almost pain-free. This clinic has done a great job and the staff is excellent.

Susan S

I was involved in a vehicle accident approximately fourteen months ago, where I was stopped in traffic in a very small car and rear-ended by a moving van at about 50 mph. Since then I have had constant back, neck and shoulder pain, along with severe jaw pain. Dr. Ross provided me with the only temporary relief from pain through his careful, intense therapy sessions. I believe Dr. Ross will help me to recover completely with continued treatment.

Connie R.

Dr. Ross has been able to help me with my upper back and neck pain. Due to his treatment I have been able to control my migraine headaches and increase my neck mobility.

Laura P.

I came to Dr. Ross because of what I thought was just a ‘pinched nerve’ from an incident at work. Wisely, Dr. Ross realized there was more to it and had X-rays and an MRI done, which showed a herniated disc in my neck. He did everything to help and relieve the pain without worsening the injury. At the same time, he was arranging for me to see the best orthopedic surgeon to correct the problem. After surgery, I have been sent back to Dr. Ross by the orthopedic surgeon in order to speed up the healing process. Dr. Ross has shown the greatest care and concern for my physical and emotional well-being – even to calling me at home to ensure that I am doing well after a treatment date. He is a wonderful doctor.

Connie K.

I was struck by a car while crossing the street on my bike. I suffered severe back and neck pain. (It hurt to do anything) Thanks to the awesome people at Excellence In Health, I’m back to full health and I feel great.

Dean G.