Back Pain

After suffering a lower back injury that was severe enough to keep me from sleeping and giving me limited movement, I thought I was going to be off work for a long time. Dr. Ross was able to stabilize me, allowing me to sleep through the night and keep me working. With every treatment and adjustment I see improvement and can see myself back to one hundred percent in no time.

Andrew B.

I came in after I broke my tailbone while sledding with my kids. Doctor Ross started treatment for my lower back and then, after talking to him about all the back problems I’ve had, he treated those, too. After the first month I have been coming here, I feel better than I have in 20 years. I work, play, and sleep without back pain.

Jay B.

I’ve had chiropractic treatment before, but had neglected treatment for a few years. So, when my back became problematic for me again I decided to seek treatment, but with someone new to see if it would be better, different, or whatever. I referred to my insurance’s “Preferred” Provider list and found Dr. Ross’ office listed, and with the added recommendation of a co-worker who has been treated by this office, I made an appointment. There were some things similar to my past experiences, and a lot of things different and better! My back improved upon each visit and my knees are being treated, as well. I am well pleased with the whole experience with Dr. Ross and his staff. Friendly, courteous, gentle, and accommodating! Keep up the great service.

Carolyn G.

Dr. Ross was able to quickly pinpoint the area causing my back pain and within just a few sessions the pain was relieved. Dr. Ross and all the staff members are always positive and cheerful and make it a great experience each visit.

Heidi G.

I injured my back at work and was referred to Dr. Ross by my employer. Upon meeting Dr. Ross, I was very impressed with his attentiveness and genuine concern for my injury. With the physical therapy given to me by Dr. Ross and his wonderful staff, I am now comfortably working again. Dr. Ross has helped me to improve my quality of life by relieving me of my severe back pain. I highly recommend Dr. Ross to all my Family and friends.

Lloynette G.

When I started coming to Dr. Ross I had a sharp pain in the middle of my back. It hurt to bend over and to lay down flat on the floor. I can now wash my dogs in the tub and no there are no pains at all. I can also lay flat on my back again. I wish I could have started coming earlier – I feel great.

Tonya H.

When my back is out of line I experience stabbing pain. I believe chiropractic adjustment is the best way to relieve the problem. The day of the first adjustment my pain is relieved. I periodically get tune up adjustments.

William H.

When I first came into Dr. Ross’ office, I was barely able to walk because of my lower back problems. Over the course of a few months of treatment, I was able to regain motion in my back, and resume a lot of my hobbies (hiking, bike riding, etc.) which I had been unable to do. I’ve been relatively pain free for 2 years now.

James L.

I came in with lower-back pain and, thanks to Dr. Ross and staff, now I’m back to work and feeling great. Dr. Ross’ method of treatment is the best! Thanks again.

Robert M.

I have never sought a chiropractor for my back problems, until an incident left me barely walking. I came to Excellence in Health and was provided with various outstanding treatments. My visits to the clinic helped improve my back problems, so I could continue my daily routines. Dr. Ross is an excellent doctor, which I would recommend to anyone for chiropractic care. He is very informative and knowledgeable about his profession. The staff is very friendly and provides great service with smiles at no charge. Overall, I don’t think I would need to visit another clinic.

Smith N.

I was involved in a vehicle accident approximately fourteen months ago, where I was stopped in traffic in a very small car and rear-ended by a moving van at about 50 mph. Since then I have had constant back, neck and shoulder pain, along with severe jaw pain. Dr. Ross provided me with the only temporary relief from pain through his careful, intense therapy sessions. I believe Dr. Ross will help me to recover completely with continued treatment.

Connie R.

When I first came in the pain in my back was very intense, it hurt with every step I took and even when I was not moving it hurt. The very first treatment reduced my pain unbelievably. Every appointment since then my back has improved and now I am completely pain free. I have full mobility and can perform everyday tasks completely normal. The treatment from Dr. Ross has helped my back go from terrible to great.

Philip R.

I live in Denver and I came to this office 2 ½ years ago. After living with daily pain, Dr. Ross gave me an adjustment and I have not had one hour of pain anywhere in my back since!! I am back in town on contracted industrial work and came by for an alignment and I feel great! Thank you very much. In a world where most people can’t deliver on much of anything, there is truly personal blessing to have experienced my alignments with Dr. Ross.

Jeff S.

I came in with a sore back that wouldn’t allow me to fully perform my job. It has been a year now and I feel fully healed with the ability to perform all of my normal activities. Dr. Ross and his staff are friendly and have helped me in so many different ways. I am so grateful! Thanks so much.

Megan S.

4 years after a car crash and a long list of doctors, physical therapists, and treatments, I still experienced chronic pain in my chest and shoulder with episodic lower back pain. Once I began to see Dr. Ross:

*remedied chest problem

*correctly diagnosed shoulder injury and it was properly treated

*treatment of lower back stopped the pain episodes

I respect Dr. Ross for listening to my concerns; his attention to detail, and his use of correct treatments. My daily life is without chronic pain.

Thanks Dr. Ross.

Sukie S.

I came to Dr. Ross with quite a bit of neck and back pain. With his knowledge of spinal problems, and effective treatments and therapies, I am almost pain-free. This clinic has done a great job and the staff is excellent.

Susan S.

I was experiencing lower back pain for several weeks. After visiting Dr. Ross, my pain was 100% gone – and the adjustments felt great.

Lyndi T.

I have had lower back pain since youth. I assumed that was just life and I lived with it. When chiropractic became popular (to me) I thought it was a bunch of HOOEY. When I really tweaked my back 6 years ago (age 31) I sought chiropractic help. I thought my back was worn out and I would need surgery. After X-rays the chiropractor had bad news --- my back and spine would only last another 60 or 70 years. After a series of adjustments, ice/heat, and waist-belt pressure I now am on a maintenance program with Dr. Ross with no pain and I rarely see him more than scheduled.

P.S. I am in the construction field and I do a lot of heavy lifting.

Mark T.

First of all I would like to extend my gratitude to the staff at Excellence for doing a great job. They always take you in at your appointment time and don’t make you wait. I came here with a problem with my hands and back, and my hands are getting better and better. Before, I used to wake up with numbness in my arms to the tip of my fingers, but now I can sleep well and wake up without the numbness on my hands. My back is getting better, too. So, I highly recommend Excellence in Health Chiropractic if you have any problems or injuries.

Marianne V.

Prior to Dr. Ross’ care, I suffered from chronic headaches, shoulder, and back pain from years of not taking care of myself. However, now I am on my way to a pain-free lifestyle, thanks to Dr. Ross and his fantastic staff. I recommend Dr. Ross to all my friends and know they will experience the same professional and personalized care that will make life better. Thanks Dr. Ross!

Patricia V.

Dr. Ross was able to help me with a very critical problem occurring in my back with excellent results. He was also able to answer all of my questions clearly and gave me advice on how to keep my back healthy.

Daniel Y.

Dr. Ross and his staff did a wonderful job with adjusting my back. The staff is excellent at what they do. They make you feel at home.

Keneva R.