I’ve had chiropractic treatment before, but had neglected treatment for a few years. So, when my back became problematic for me again I decided to seek treatment, but with someone new to see if it would be better, different, or whatever. I referred to my insurance’s “Preferred” Provider list and found Dr. Ross’ office listed, and with the added recommendation of a co-worker who has been treated by this office, I made an appointment. There were some things similar to my past experiences, and a lot of things different and better! My back improved upon each visit and my knees are being treated, as well. I am well pleased with the whole experience with Dr. Ross and his staff. Friendly, courteous, gentle, and accommodating! Keep up the great service.

Carolyn G.

When I first cam e in for treatment, I realized this would be the best chiropractic for me. Not only the professionalism, but also the caring I get from Dr. Ross and the nurses. I also thank them for the treatment on my knee.

Maualuga L.