Auto Accident

This is my first time being in an auto accident and first time being seen by a chiropractor. My experience with Dr. Ross and all the employees was so wonderful all pains became less every time I came back. Everyone made me feel like I was at home. Thank you very much.

Ka Y.

4 years after a car crash and a long list of doctors, physical therapists, and treatments, I still experienced chronic pain in my chest and shoulder with episodic lower back pain. Once I began to see Dr. Ross:

*remedied chest problem

*correctly diagnosed shoulder injury and it was properly treated

*treatment of lower back stopped the pain episodes

I respect Dr. Ross for listening to my concerns; his attention to detail, and his use of correct treatments. My daily life is without chronic pain.

Thanks Dr. Ross.

Sukie S.

I had a pretty much pain-free life until I came to a point where an accident put me in continuous pain for the last year and a half. I would rather be pain-free. And I think with all the experience of other physical therapists and pain management, this type of service being provided without medication is a wonderful free feeling. I fell in the last three weeks, there are small stepping stones that are improving; and with the continuing of these treatments I hope to become more pain-free as time goes on.

Teresa R.

I was involved in a vehicle accident approximately fourteen months ago, where I was stopped in traffic in a very small car and rear-ended by a moving van at about 50 mph. Since then I have had constant back, neck and shoulder pain, along with severe jaw pain. Dr. Ross provided me with the only temporary relief from pain through his careful, intense therapy sessions. I believe Dr. Ross will help me to recover completely with continued treatment.

Connie R.

The clinic has helped free me of my headaches caused by whiplash to my neck, shoulders, and back. One of my legs was jammed in the accident causing numbness to my foot. Treatment of massages and adjusting the leg, knee and foot has caused the numbness to go away. I have been in treatment just over a month and I’m amazed how much better I feel and how I am able to move around with less pain.

Margaret H.